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999A. J. Bednar Enterprises, Inc. started in 1991 as a pool and spa service company. The first 6 years, the company enjoyed a steady growth in its demand in this field.  In 1997 the company began it’s most recognized endeavor to date: custom building hot tubs. The following year it opened its first retail/production location on Union Street in Luzerne, PA. There, they began offering their own line of hot tubs which were custom jetted for each individual customer. The Jetsetter Spa was born. From this humble location, hundreds of spas were jetted and plumbed for customers all across the region. It wasn't long before the company outgrew this small 2,000 square foot facility and needed more elbow room. In 2002 A.J. Bednar Enterprises, Inc. acquired 29 East Carey Street Plains, PA.  Their flagship location. This 10,000 square foot facility was the perfect location to showcase the new line of hot tubs they would be selling: PDC Spas. From 2002 until 2009 they enjoyed record sales year after year from this location. The company's sales staff attended numerous home shows and fairs showcasing the PDC Spa to all of Northeastern Pennsylvania. They were even featured on Channel 16 Home and Back Yard television show multiple times showcasing there talents. In 2004 they were awarded the PREMIER LEVEL in sales and service from PDC and in 2005 the PROMOTIONAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD. Their reputation as the most sought after company for hydrotherapy was taking deep roots.

With more and more people shopping online, the decision was made in 2008 to totally restructure the company from being a retail powerhouse to an internet powerhouse in the hot water therapy industry. A. J. Bednar Enterprises, Inc. is a proud owner of the following websites: